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Retirement Planning

This area can often represent one of clients largest assets. At a basic level these arrangements are simply long term savings plans. However, their very long term nature, coupled with successive governments obsession with legislative change can make this area very complex. The latest proposed changes to pension rules have made advice and guidance even more important, not just initially but as part of a long term financial relationship.

If you are in the process of building up funds for retirement, then advice will start with an assessment of your existing plans leading to a projection of what they may provide when you want to retire. This assessment will then naturally lead onto giving guidance as far as the necessary funding required to achieve your goals together with a suitable investment strategy, which of course will be regularly reviewed along with other aspects of your financial planning.

If you are about to retire or indeed are already retired you are clearly in or about to enter a vital phase of financial planning. In some cases this can represent a once in a lifetime decision. For many it is the start, or continuation of a long term financial relationship, an ethos that our firm is founded upon.

We feel that it is important to stress that a comfortable retirement can be funded from a wide range of assets, not just conventional pensions. We are however, experienced in dealing with all aspects of pensions and connected legislation as well as the wide range of  assets that can be held in these structures, which for example may include a commercial property. Funding options, in this example, can also be sourced through our professional contacts.