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Asset Management

Asset Management is the term used for the ongoing management of investments held in the various financial vehicles in which your capital is held. It is at the centre of our proposition and represents much of the long term work we carry out for our clients.

Clearly establishing the right home for capital is essential from a strategic, tax and investment choice point of view. The latter point is crucial, in that a structure that provides wide ranging investment choice offers the flexibility to adapt to changing economic circumstances as well as accommodating individuals changing views on risk over time.

Our Investment Process

When providing investment advice for our clients our aim is at all times to recommend the very best funds available. To this end we have established our own Investment Committee whose members are tasked to create and maintain a list of the funds in each sector that are worthy of recommendation to our clients. We have chosen a research partner to assist us in identifying those funds that meet our criteria.

We have tasked this professional partner to do the following:

  1. Conduct qualitative and quantitative screening to produce a focused list of quality funds
  2. Ensure there is an appropriate mix of investment and management styles and market capitalisations
  3. Ensure that emerging managers are represented alongside established names

Our overall process therefore consists of the following steps:

  1. West Park Investment Partnership’s internal Investment Committee decide on the criteria for the funds on their recommended list
  2. Our professional investment partner researches the whole market to identify funds that meet West Park Investment Partnership’s specification
  3. West Park Investment Partnership’s internal Investment Committee reviews the funds proposed by our partner and finalises the selection of funds for the recommended list
  4. West Park Investment Partnership’s advisers combine funds from the recommended list to tailor a bespoke portfolio that matches their client’s objectives and attitude to risk
  5. Portfolios are regularly reviewed to ensure that they continue to reflect changes in our recommended fund list

Funds are then chosen for each client based on their unique circumstances taking into account the time horizon for investment as well as their attitude to risk. Continually monitoring our investment fund list with a structured and disciplined approach as well regularly reviewing client circumstances, we believe, provides a powerful combination.