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Our services

As a firm we are able to provide the whole financial package either from within the firm or by engaging specialist third parties, where necessary. These third party specialists are contacts that we have typically developed long term business relationships with and who we know can deliver their specialism well and in accordance with West Park’s own standards.

The Financial Planning Process

We are a service orientated business with advisers that engender very long term relationships with existing clients. New clients need to understand how the process will work and what to expect from West Park Investment Partnership Ltd in the future. A consistency of approach, with a strong ethos of fairness is.

Asset Management

Asset Management is part of a process which is at the centre of our proposition. Once structures and products are established to best serve a clients specific needs both now and in the future it is almost always the case that capital is will be placed in the arrangement.

Retirement Planing

This area can often represent one of clients largest assets. At a basic level these arrangements are simply long term savings plans. However their very long term nature coupled with successive governments obsession with legislative change has made this area unnecessarily complex.

Tax Planning

Tax efficiency is a major consideration when undertaking any form of financial planning although it shouldn’t necessarily be the driving force. There is a well known investment phrase which warns against the ‘tail (tax) wagging the dog (investment).’

Financial Protection Advice

This aspect of financial planning is often the start point for many. Ensuring that a lifestyle is protected in the event of illness or death of a key person is an essential part of a robust financial plan.