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Our partners


We have a well established and respected Compliance Consultancy firm to assist us with our own Regulatory obligations. Being Leeds based they are very hands on and able to meet us regularly either at our premises or theirs. They work with firms across the UK which clearly gives them the breadth of experience to offer meaningful assistance and guidance to ourselves.

The founding partners have each got 20 years experience in financial services with a range of different providers and advice firms with one partner having also worked for the Regulator between 1997 & 2002. This was with the FCA’s predecessor the PIA/FSA. It is clear, in dealing with him that he has a wide range of contacts with the FCA and is clearly highly respected.

As a firm, we have elected their premier service, giving us access to their full resource and giving us as a firm the reassurance that we are carrying out our obligations in a manner which fits with the Regulators present, stringent requirements.

As West Park Investment Partnership’s Compliance Director, Shelley Hemsworth has ultimate responsibility in this area albeit with the guidance of our partner.

Information Technology

At West Park Investment Partnership we are obviously committed to using robust hardware and software IT solutions, fit for the purpose that we require. Getting systems that allow us to be efficient in our service as Financial Advisers rather than absorbing our time in areas that we have little expertise led us to seek out a local and trusted partner.

Having considered a number of IT Providers, one company stood out as clearly having the ability to design, install, support, maintain and protect a business network for ourselves and our clients. This structure also underpins our other more bespoke financial services software.

They have been providing IT solutions for over 20 years under the stewardship of their founder who has a vast experience in dealing with businesses like ours, in the financial services arena as well as other professions. He has an experienced team who can assist us by phone etc but are also so local that any other issues can be resolved by a site visit.

IT Security is clearly a vital component of our requirements and our partner has recognised this for us by demonstrating systems set up with other businesses, who similarly hold sensitive client information. They hold an array of the very highest accreditations from the software providers and are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, to name but one.

Professional Investment Analysis

As is described in our Investment Process (see Asset Management), we have employed a highly respected firm in this area to provide initial and extensive fund research to our Investment Committee. This research is based on a bespoke proposition to West Park Investment Partnership Ltd formulated out of our knowledge of our clients and what they require, whilst adhering to our strong beliefs of having the ability to provide complete independence across the whole of the investment market.

Again the partner chosen, whilst operating nationally, is based relatively locally and so they are able to accommodate face to face consultations on a frequent basis to ensure that the data and research they provide for us continues to be relevant to our proposition.

The depth of their research and knowledge has provided the necessary reassurance and backup to the extensive knowledge and experience our team already possess.